Blueprint Properties has developed strong and viable experience within property development. We have chosen to combine this experience with our wide and international crowd of clients and partners. This enables us to offer our clients to search for land and construction projects abroad and the restoration of buildings. We work out the ideas necessary to obtain the appearance desired by the client, in-door and out-door. We organize the required engineers and workforce, coordinate their work, negotiate prices and ascertain a project management that holds the timeframe we have estimated jointly with the client.

We help the buyers with everything, from handling the local authorities, obtaining permits and authorizations for a specific blueprint. In short, we assist and coordinate the total handling of a property project from land / building purchase throughout to finally a possible sale.

We are skilled in quickly grasp a client’s situation so as to obtain an optimal solution within any kind of budget frame.  This allows us to work with larger advanced projects as well as with small practical projects. Among other, we provide local experts in Denmark and Switzerland. For more information about Blueprint Properties’ projects of sale, please click on investments available.

If you are interested in receiving an offer or merely discuss the possibilities regarding a project you are welcome to contact us directly or mail us at