We have accomplished high profile interior assignments as well as small practical assignments. Our clients are shops, restaurants and offices but we are not limited to these categories.

Blueprint Design not only delivers decoration and furniture to a given room but also the visual concept behind the business idea. We understand the importance that the company’ products and qualifications are expressed by its outer image. And this we often also do in minute details like the design of brochures, gift boxes, wrapping etc.

In order to be able to fulfil the required, we spend much time getting to know our clients and are proud to be able to show a catalogue of satisfied customers who regularly come back.

We are skilled to quickly grasp a client’s situation so as to obtain an optimal solution within any kind of budget frame.  This allows us to work with larger advanced projects as well as with small practical projects.

For more information about Blueprint Design’s references, please click on references. If you are interested to obtain an offer or merely discuss the possibilities regarding a project you are welcome to contact us directly or mail at